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Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer


Eric Bunch is an award winning director and photographer producing commercial video and
photographic content. He specializes in documentary work and fine-art photography. His current
projects include a documentary about faith, and why people across the globe choose to live a life of
spiritual pursuit.

Born and raised in Seattle Washington, he began as a young man creating imagery through
sketching, sculpting, painting, and eventually photography and motion picture. Now he travels the
world creating commercial and personal content meant to compel and inspire. From Antarctica to
Jerusalem, Brazil to Norway, or New York City to Yosemite, Eric finds the beauty of the world to be
his inspiration.

Eric is now based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in addition to his documentary and ongoing fine-art
photographic work, he is creating a blog and YouTube series on the art of photography, as well as a
series of online courses teaching beginner to advanced photography.

A recipient of the Tele Award, the ARDY Award, and a 3 time award winner of the 48 Hour Film
competition, Eric has a keen eye for imagery and a talent for story telling. He executes with
emotion, and effective communication in mind.


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